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III International Business Festival on renewable energy SOURCES

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III International Business Festival Qazaq Green Fest 2024

The III International Business Festival “Qazaq Green Fest 2024”, dedicated to green energy and held under the slogan “Meeting the challenges of the present – together towards a sustainable future” will take place in Borovoye on May 30-31. The event is organized by the Qazaq Green Renewable Energy Association in cooperation with the Kazakhstan Electric Power Association. The partners of the event are HUAWEI, Acwa Power and Sany International.

The past has taught us, the present defines our path, and the стремление к устойчивому энергетическому будущему inspires us. Recognizing the lessons of history and accepting the challenges of the present, we are joining our efforts to achieve clean and sustainable energy in our country. Kazakhstan became the first country in the region to ratify the Paris Agreement and adopt the Strategy for Carbon Neutrality by 2060. The country has a huge potential for the development of wind and solar energy, as well as the production of green hydrogen.

At COP 28, the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed his support for the UN’s call to preserve the environment for future generations and called for the country’s support in solving the coal problem in the region through the Partnership for a Just Energy Transition. He also noted the need to increase funding for climate programs and stressed the importance of combating climate change, especially for Central Asian countries. By 2030, Kazakhstan needs to reduce the share of coal generation from 65% to 40% and increase the share of renewable energy sources from 10% to 24%.

The introduction of a carbon tax by the EU countries will automatically affect the cost of export goods and the competitiveness of products. The increased price may close some markets for domestic goods, so enterprises should start working on decarbonization and switching to alternative technologies. According to the instructions of the President of Kazakhstan, the share of renewable energy sources should reach 15% by 2030.

Data from the Ministry of Energy shows that in 2023 the share of RES in the total electricity generation was about 6%. There are 147 RES facilities in Kazakhstan with a total installed capacity of 2,903.54 MW, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and bioenergy. The introduction of heat pumps, biomass boilers and waste heat utilization systems is also being considered.

The planned changes will allow RES producers to sell electricity directly on the wholesale energy market, which will increase the integration of RES into the country’s energy system. RES integration is an important element of decarbonizing the economy and strengthening the electrification of various sectors. Kazakhstan is striving to increase the share of RES in its balance, but it faces challenges related to the development of electricity networks and legislative regulation.

Qazaq Green Fest remains a key platform for experts to discuss the development of renewable energy in Kazakhstan. The development of RES is considered a driver of transformation of the electric power industry, and it becomes necessary to ensure the country’s energy security, develop small-scale RES and use energy storage systems.

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